Grooming Tips


I suggest that you comb your new puppy every three weeks with a simple steel pinned brush as seen in the video above.  In the beginning there will be little or no hair coming out of the coat.  As the puppy grows and gets closer to eight months, the puppy coat with start to die off and will need to be pulled out more aggressively, this is where the undercoat Rake comes into it’s own.  Most people let their puppy control them in the early days and the owners find out the hard way at about twelve months of age.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that a light brushing on the surface will do the job. Watch the video above to see what is needed right from the beginning.  This will save you and your puppy a lot of heartache down the track...Remember how you fell in love with the look of an Australian Labradoodle...Believe me, you wont like the look of a shaved Labradoodle if you let things go too far.  Further to that.  The coat is never the same again after being shaved.

The “Freddy Kruger” Comb, as I like to call it, is for cutting through the matts that pop up in certain hard to comb places, and also helps to thin the coat as well.    Despite it’s appearance, and my nickname, it’s not very hard to use and not dangerous if you take it easy while combing.  It goes through matts like a hot knife through butter.  If you’ve done a good job in the early days, you wont have to use this comb all that much.  Start using it at 4 months of age.

If their coat begins to feel a bit sticky don’t bathe.  Simply rub with a generous helping of baby powder all over, and massage it in deep.  It will take that sticky feeling away without destroying the natural oils.


Coat maintenance will be your biggest challenge of all!