How Do I Pay For My Puppy

Best way to pay me is by calling me and discussing the best method for your individual needs.  For an immediate deposit payment so you don’t lose your place in line please use Paypal or Venmo, it;s free and instant.  Use the email address Reservemypuppy@gmail to find my account.  Always use the Friends and Family option to avoid the fees.

If you don’t the money on hand to pay for your puppy right now you can easily make progress payments using the above methods.  You can take as long as you like to pay off your pup and it’s all under your control.  There are no mistakes because it’s all recorded by PayPal or Venmo in both your account and mine, so we all know whats been paid in.  You can make small or large payments according to what you have each week, it’s all in your hands.  The Holding Deposit is $600 and total price is $3000.00.  The price includes not only the puppy and it’s first vaccination, but treatment for parasites that are common in new puppies all along the way, and then of course the built-in cost at my vet to spay and or neuter. Your biggest return on investment comes from me and my knowledge.  I will help you to keep your money in your pocket whenever an issue pops up that might make you want to run to a vet.  Over the lifetime of your pup I will most likely save you the cost of your puppy in unnecessary vet costs.